15th – 17th April, 2019 | London

Pre-Conference Workshop A

09.00 - 12.00
Advancing the Use of Blockchain Technology in Clinical Trials

The application of blockchain technology in clinical trials is sparking a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Blockchain has the potential to be a game changer in the way clinical studies are conducted – opportunities go from streamlining patient recruitment to ensuring patient data security and enhancing data transparency. In this workshop, Manuela and Michaela transpose their expertise in emerging technologies being used in the pharmaceutical sector and address the impact of blockchain in clinical trials, the opportunities and the challenges ahead.

Join this brainstorming discussion to learn more about the potential of blockchain technology within the clinical trial setting.

Key areas to be discussed include:

  • Systematic analysis of the current market and future trends
  • Development of problem statement(s)
  • Potential solutions
  • Application of design-thinking methodologies

Workshop Leaders: Manuela Schöner, Corporate Strategy & Consulting, Boehringer Ingelheim & Michaela KazmaierIT Benefits Realisation Manager, Dimension Data


Pre-Conference Workshop B

13.00 - 16.00
Enhancing Patient Engagement & Succeeding Where Others Have Failed

Pharma is heavily dependent on finding the right patients for clinical trials to accelerate recruiting and ensure that patients remain compliant throughout the trial – to the end. In oncology this is
especially critical to proving efficacy and ensuring that knowledge is maximized for current treatments and especially future ones. The industry has seen trials delayed and even fail repeatedly due to identifying the wrong patients, as well as not maintaining their interest all the way to completion. This costs pharma companies
a lot of money.

This workshop aims to create a thought-provoking discussion led by David Goren, a pharma veteran and expert in the digital innovation space.

Join this interactive, comprehensive and collaborative session that will allow you to employ innovative digital approaches in clinical programs to improve clinical and financial results.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Main hurdles faced in attracting the right patients and keeping them engaged in your clinical programs with digital tools and methodologies
  • Internal challenges – innovation as a driver for success
  • External challenges – the role and positioning of external stakeholders including patients, investigators and institutions
  • Patient Engagement from start to finish
  • Start from patient needs
  • Follow the patients throughout the trial experience
  • What motivates the patient and what are the barriers?
  • What can be leveraged in the environment (e.g., caregivers)?

Workshop Leader: David Goren, Independent Consultant, (former- VP of Digital Health Innovation, AstraZeneca)