15th – 17th April, 2019 | London

Day One

Day Two

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Bryan McDowell Executive Director - Global Program Lead for Data & Digital , Novartis

‘IMPACCT’ Panel Discussion: Driving Digital Transformation & Clinical Innovation in Clinical Research – Bridging the Gap to True Patient- Centricity

  • Bert Hartog Senior Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation , Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Donna Finch Associate Director, Clinical Scientist, Respiratory, MedImmune
  • Tyler Guthrie Director of Scientific Affairs & Data Management, ActiGraph
  • Bryan McDowell Executive Director - Global Program Lead for Data & Digital , Novartis


  • Addressing the rapidly evolving mobile and digital health landscape and its potential to support, improve and drive clinical studies
  • Old vs. New – balancing optimisation of processes and approaches with digital tools vs. complete disruption of the clinical research paradigm (e.g. remote trials)
  • Ensuring the value and ROI of digital innovation in clinical trials – would we continue in our journey for patient-centricity, technology enabled trials without reductions in cost or time?
  • Advancing digital endpoint development – what are the current limitations?
  • Operationalising digital clinical innovation – recurrent pain points and moving forward, what’s next?
  • Discussing long term extensions in clinical trials

Rethinking Clinical Research Methodologies

Digital technology: Revolutionizing Care from Drug Development to the Clinic


  • Understanding why neuroscience is one of the most difficult areas of drug research because diseases are poorly understood and disease processes are difficult to measure objectively
  • Using meaningful data at scale (MDAS), digital endpoints and outcomes to provide new, clinically meaningful insights into the disease, completely change our ability to measure disease processes, and reliably determine whether new therapies are impacting these processes
  • Changing how we manage disease by changing outcomes for patients, and in turn driving better research for the development of next generation therapies

Speed Networking Session

Morning Refreshments

Patient-Centric Trials – What’s next?

  • Sam Hariry Head of Clinical Strategy & Operations , Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR)


  • Discussing how remote trials are transforming clinical studies and supporting patientcentricity
  • Moving from purely home-based remote trials – how we incorporate the patients’ own GP on these efforts?

Sampling Approaches in Patient-Centric Trials

  • Lisa Shipley VP, Digital & Analytics Technologies , Merck & Co.


  • Discussing the need for patient-focused tools in clinical research
  • Exploring approaches for smart, home or outpatient sampling
  • Challenges and future directions

The Data Revolution in Clinical Trials


  • Eliminating stagnation through real-time access
  • Optimizing performance with metaprise analytics
  • Drastically reducing barriers to new therapies
  • Medable E2E: first and only end-to-end cloud platform for clinical trials

Lunch & Networking

Building Patient Centricity into Clinical Trials with Digital Medicine & Digital Technologies

  • Corey Fowler Associate Director - Global Clinical Development , Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.


  • Utilising Digital Medicine as an objective measure of adherence in clinical studies and clinical practice
  • Exploring digital applications for conduct of virtual clinical trials in SMI patients
  • Applying technology to reduce placebo response while enrolling more diverse patient groups
  • Presenting the emerging challenges to measure traditional psychometric assessments in a remote environment, including technology and new innovations to combat these challenges

Digitisation in Clinical Studies – Behind the Spotlight

Bridging the Gap Between Innovation & Implementation

  • Bert Hartog Senior Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation , Janssen Pharmaceuticals


  • Tackling the challenges to actual implementation of digital innovation tools in clinical research
  • Overcoming operationalisation barriers – case-studies on what needs to go on “behind the stage”
  • Driving innovation vs. legacy processes

Streamlining Data Collection in Clinical Trials – Case-Studies

  • Jyothis George Global Head of Diabetes Clinical Development, Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Analysing how the digitisation of clinical studies is transforming the collection and analysis of patient information
  • Challenges and opportunities in digitally-enabled data collection
  • Examples of recent digital innovations to streamline clinical trials

Exploring the Role of Behaviour and Lifestyle Insight in Clinical Trials


  • Identifying specific behaviours – data analytics
  • Exploring behaviour and lifestyle analytics
  • Data management (privacy, security & data management)
  • Enhancing data collection with wearables & mobile applications

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Accelerating Patient Recruitment & Managing Clinical Data with Digital Tools

  • Theodoros Arvanitis Professor of e-Health Innovation & Head of Research - Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) , University of Warwick


  • Overviewing EU FP7 Project Transform – utilising digital tools for patient recruitment
  • Enhancing clinical data management – the C.U.R.e Framework
  • Presenting implementation case-studies

Enabling World-Class Clinical Trials Using National NHS Data

  • Tom Denwood Executive Director of Data, Insights & Statistics , NHS Digital


  • Exploring how the NHS Digital is working with HDR UK’s Oxford University site, and the National Institute for Health Research, to develop innovative clinical trial services
  • Using national NHS data, to support rapid, efficient trials that meet the needs of regulators (such as the MHRA and FDA) and NHS patients, while protecting individuals’ data rights
  • Seeing the benefits from the pilots of these services, that specifically support clinical trial cohort feasibility, selection and identification, and how they can be utilised by life sciences industry, to deliver more efficient trials

Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Bryan McDowell Executive Director - Global Program Lead for Data & Digital , Novartis