15th – 17th April, 2019 | London

About Event

Technological capabilities, regulatory advances and a quest for clinical innovation are now, more than ever, coming together to transform the way clinical studies are conducted, the way we recruit and engage patients and the way we collect and utilise clinical data.

At a point of increasing maturity but also growing innovation, these are exciting times for all stakeholders actively involved in bringing the use of digital health technologies in clinical research to the next level.

We’ve been seeing exciting developments in this space, with more and more use-cases of actual implementation of these capabilities in clinical programs to support and drive patient-centricity, exciting initiatives and new discussions emerging.

  1. How is the clinical trial paradigm being disrupted with innovative methodologies such as decentralised trials?
  2. What are the next steps in remote patient monitoring or in digital endpoints?
  3. How is the understanding of patient data ownership changing healthcare?

These questions and more will be answered and tackled by leading experts in the digital health and clinical innovation space.

Join them for this collaborative discussion forum dedicated to promoting patient centricity in clinical research and overcoming key challenges of running digital-enabled clinical studies.

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